Antonyan Miranda, LLP 

Our mission at Antonyan Miranda is to aggressively preserve what can be preserved, protect what can protected, and help secure all that is important to you; family, finances, and assets.

Divorce and family law are a contact sport, and Antonyan Miranda was founded to deliver the big hits. We have never shied away from the tough cases, and have consistently delivered favorable results for our clients. While there are no guarantees in life or law, we can promise that we always play to win. This is important, as being represented by the right attorney from the onset of your family law matter will both ameliorate tension, and set a trajectory for the most effective and efficient outcome. At Antonyan Miranda, we have helped those from all walks of life, and from all socioeconomic backgrounds, find solutions to their problems. We have represented celebrities, professional athletes, and corporate giants, as well as service members, students, and stay-at-home mothers.
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