Automatic Annual SDCBA Membership Dues Renewal Information

Ensure continuous membership in the SDCBA by enrolling in the Automatic Annual SDCBA Membership Dues Renewal service.  Enrollment and changes are fast and easy.  If you are an enrolled member of the Lawyer Referral and Information Service, you can also automatically pay your annual registration fee.  We also invite you to include a donation to the San Diego County Bar Foundation (SDCBF) along with your automatic renewal

Here is how it works.  To enroll, simply select the appropriate options on the auto renewal sign up page.  To participate in automatic payment of annual LRIS registration fees and the SDCBF donation, you must be enrolled in automatic renewal of your SDCBA annual membership dues.  After signing up, you will be directed to a secure webpage and asked to provide the credit card you would like to use for auto renewal purposes.

Each year you will receive a dues statement detailing the amount of your annual dues as well as your LRIS annual renewal fee and the SDCBF donation, if applicable.  You will receive a receipt via email after your credit card is charged.

You can discontinue the automatic renewal service at any time by contacting SDCBA Member Services via email at or by calling (619) 231-0781 ext. 3505.  You can also opt out at any time by deselecting the auto renewal service options by logging in to your MySDCBA profile page on the SDCBA website.  If you have any questions about the auto renewal service, please contact Member Services. 

To download a PDF version of Automatic Annual Membership Dues Renewal Form click here

2017 Membership Year Dues:

The following rates are for the current 2017 Membership Dues year.  Before your next renewal, you will be notified at least 30 days before you are charged.  This will give you the opportunity to make changes to your credit card or cancel the automatic renewal.

Attorneys (Attorneys with active status in any US licensing jurisdiction) Dues based on first licensure.

$0          Newly Admitted Attorneys through the current calendar year
$110      2 through 3 years

$185      4 through 6 years
$245      7 through 12 years
$265      13+ years
$135      Law School Faculty (Full-time faculty with an active licensure to practice law in any US jurisdiction)

Legal Community

$160      Inactive Licensure (No active licensure to practice law in any US jurisdiction)

$135      Law School Faculty (Full-time faculty with inactive status or not licensed to
             practice law is any US jurisdiction)

$135      Executive (Executives Directors and staff of SD legal community organizations who are not licensed to
             practice law in any US jurisdiction or with a JD)

$135      Associate Member (Paralegals and other legal community professionals not licensed to practice law in any
             US jurisdiction)

$135      JD (JDs not licensed to practice law in any US jurisdiction and 2 or more years since graduation from JD program)
$0          Law School Graduate (Less than 2 years since graduating from a JD Program and not licensed to practice
             in any US jurisdiction)

$275      Vendor (Vendors supplying products and services to the legal community and not licensed to practice law in any
             US jurisdiction. Formerly Affiliate.)

  Law Students (2016/2017 School Year - effective through July 2017)

  $0          Law Student** (Students enrolled in ABA or California State Bar CALS Accredited JD programs)
  $40        Law Student (Students enrolled in unaccredited law schools)

**Note:  Law Students in the State Bar of CA approved judicial/attorney study program should call the SDCBA Member Services Department at 619.231.0781 ext. 3505 or use the PDF application and send the form and document from the State Bar.  Membership is Free upon acceptance

SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP:  Members that want to support the many activities of the SDCBA have the option of becoming a Sustaining Member. Sustaining Members will be acknowledged in each issue of San Diego Lawyer magazine. Sustaining Membership is in lieu of basic membership dues.

The Sustaining Member dues levels for the 2017 Membership year are:

  • Patron $600
  • Benefactor $500
  • Friend $400