The San Diego County Bar Association released a report on the State of the Judiciary in San Diego County in 2013. The report provides a snapshot of the state of San Diego’s courts and urges the legislature to reinvest in the judicial branch.

Between 2007 and 2012, California’s Judicial Branch’s budget was cut by nearly $1.2 billion, almost 30 percent of its former operating budget. This is considerably disproportionate to other entities funded through the state budget process, and the report explains why it is critical that funds are “reinvested.” The budget cuts have led to court closures, staff layoffs and furloughs, and case backlogs, adversely impacting the ability for individuals and businesses to resolve their legal disputes in a timely manner.

The State of the Judiciary in San Diego County report gives an overview of the operational effects of Court Funding Cuts and also details the “real-world impacts” of funding cuts, with real examples of how court budget cuts have had a direct effect on San Diego families and businesses.  An update to the report was published annually through 2016 to not only further illustrate the impacts of the budget reductions, but also to aid the SDCBA Court Funding Action Committee's (CFAC) efforts to educate legislators on the importance of a fully funded court system and to call for reinvestment. To review the original report, published in 2013, go to:  A one page summary of the report can also be found at

In 2017, the SDCBA expanded its report on court funding to include other issues impacting justice in our community, in particular, issues where the SDCBA has been vocal or taken a public position.  The 2017 report, titled "Issues Impacting Justice in San Diego" can be found here:  To bring an issue to the SDCBA's attention, please email or refer to the  guidelines above regarding Public Comments/Public Positions.