Cohelan Khoury & Singer

For over 30 years, Cohelan Khoury & Singer has represented nationwide and California plaintiffs in complex and class action wage and hour, public interest and consumer litigation. The firm has a broad array of experience in prosecuting class and collective action cases.

The firm has successfully achieved a groundbreaking reversal of a class certification denial in the published case of Hicks v. Kaufman and Broad (2001) 89 Cal.App.4th 908 and participated as co-counsel in the highly anticipated California Supreme Court case, Brinker Rest. Corp. v. Superior Court (2012) 53 Cal. 4th 1004. In addition, Cohelan Khoury & Singer has successfully taken several certified class actions to trial.

Our practice emphasizes labor and employment, consumer protection, unlawful faxing and telephone recording, antitrust, privacy violations, data breach, insurance, whistleblower, and public interest cases.

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