Davis, Grass, Goldstein & Finlay

Davis, Grass, Goldstein & Finlay is an AV-rated law firm that is headquartered in Ontario with branch offices in Los Angeles and San Diego.  Our firm solely handles medical and insurance defense by exclusively representing healthcare providers throughout California in matters that affect their licenses, practices and financial interests.  Our clients include insurance companies, nursing homes, hospitals, labs, pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device makers, doctors, nurses, medical staff, and other healthcare entities and professionals.  Applying over a century and a half of combined experience, our lawyers represent clients in the San Diego and Los Angeles areas and throughout California in cases involving a wide variety of issues, including medical malpractice, employment and administrative proceedings claims.  Although the solutions are often complex, our goal is simple - to put our clients in the best possible position.  Healthcare providers should always be - and have the right to be - fully defended on the merits of a claim.  For this reason, our firm fiercely litigates to protect our clients' rights during court and administrative proceedings and advocates on their behalf to defend their reputation. 

Website: www.davis-grass.com
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