April 2017

Letter from the Chair of the Forum

By Ashley Peterson

Attorney at Law

Dear Colleagues,

As a new attorney, have you ever felt like you had a burning legal question that you needed answered but you were too afraid to ask it because you thought the person you were asking might think it was a “stupid” question? Well, the Forum for Emerging Lawyers Executive Committee is here to help. For those who don’t know, the Forum has its own private email listserve. This listserve is exclusive to new attorneys under five years in practice, and any other attorneys who choose to “opt-in” to be enrolled to receive the emails. To send an email to all members on the listserv or ask your question, you just email  sdcbaforum@lists.membercentral.com and your message will be posted. 

We would like to encourage our members to utilize the Forum listserve as a safe space to ask those seemingly “stupid questions” about their case or various aspects of the law that you can’t learn in books without fear of judgment or ridicule. For those who may still be weary of posting their question to the entire listserve, we will be offering a new opportunity called “Asking for a Friend.” The “Asking for a Friend” program will be a separate email controlled by the executive committee where you can send your questions regarding a current case you’re working on, ask procedural questions, or ask practical business questions about running or opening your own law firm. Once a month we will send out an email on the listserve asking members to submit their questions to us, and we will find an experienced attorney to provide you with an answer. The executive committee will select a handful of the most universal questions and we will post those answers on the listserve or in For the Record.  For obvious reasons, the questions cannot be time sensitive or contain privileged information. Keep an eye out for our email in May asking you to submit your questions and we will get them answered.

The Forum has had a successful start to the year. We were thrilled with everyone who showed up to our kickoff mixer at Tin Roof in February. Executive Committee member Morgan Cahill-Marsland did a great job organizing the Forum Dress for Success suit drive in March — we received over 100 suits in donation for a great cause. The small group tennis lessons this month at Winners Tennis Club have been well attended and a lot of fun. 

I am excited to announce that we have added four new members to our Executive Committee: Ashley Rae-Makowski, Christopher Green, Michael Finstad and Phil Simpler. They bring enthusiasm and great ideas for events they want to plan this year, and they are currently working hard to plan a mixer in May, so make sure you “like” us on Facebook so you don’t miss that event. We look forward to seeing you all there.