January 2016

Letter from the Chair of the Forum

By Jason Evans

Casey Gerry Schenk Francavilla Blatt & Penfield LLP

Dear Colleagues,

I am not at all surprised that the first year of the Forum for Emerging Lawyers was a great success under the leadership of 2015 Chair, Nicole Heeder, and the contribution of so many of you. (Compare Forum for Emerging Lawyers with the XFL, your favorite restaurant that closed all too soon or Furbies.) I undoubtedly believe that with each of your continued participation and utilization of this space we will continue to emerge as leaders in our community.

This new year brings exciting opportunities to continue to come together as peers to connect, learn, and grow. We have a great team to help us on this journey in 2016:

Vice Chair – Justin Paik
Justin will have plenty of responsibility and involvement with everything the Forum Executive Committee does as 2016 Vice Chair. All of that comes in addition to his service to our profession on the Board of Directors of the Korean American Bar Association. Thanks in advance, Justin!

Executive Committee

Ashley Peterson – Events/Mixers Networking Coordinator
I have no doubt that Ashley will continue the stellar work of Sarah Havens in bringing Forum members together with networking events throughout the year. With Ashley in charge, we can rest assured that Forum mixers will be fun, friendly, welcoming, and well-attended.

Michael Olinik – Editor-In-Chief, For the Record
With coast-to-coast legal experience ranging from working at a large law firm to Federal judicial clerkship to boutique practice, Michael brings great talent to our award-winning publication For the Record. If you want to contribute as an author, I know he is happy to speak with you. I look forward to seeing what Michael has in store as Editor-In-Chief of For the Record.

Alyssa Sarbacher – Liaison to Sections and Committees
Alyssa has a new role for the Forum as Section Liaison – coordinating with the 25 Sections (which are all free to join) to constantly integrate the Forum with opportunities within SDCBA. Alyssa will be perfect for growing this new and important roll facilitating integration and cooperation within SDCBA.

As the Forum has its first birthday – arbitrarily selected by me as today – I want to say thank you to all those who have paved the way and all those who will drive us forward. I believe we can all be "good" lawyers working hard at our desks, in court, and with clients, but together we can become "great" lawyers with commitment to our community and our Bar as a whole. My sincere goal is that the Forum can facilitate such a commitment for you this year.