Seeking Articles for the New Year

By Kevin B. Hambly
Shinnick & Ryan LLP


Hello New Lawyer Division.  Welcome to a new year, which I hope brings everyone success and prosperity.  This monthly newsletter is seeking article submissions from attorneys across San Diego, both new and experienced.

For the new year, we are seeking articles on specific topics each month, but the articles are going to relate to specific issues that new attorneys encounter in their everyday practice.  We will, for example, seek articles for specific aspects of the discovery process – such as taking and defending the deposition, or propounding or responding to written interrogatories.  We will also seek articles related to trial preparation, such as drafting a Daubert Motion, or how to succeed with motions in limine.  With all of the new topics that will be coming out over the next year, we want to hear about your experience and advice for fellow attorneys.  So, as we begin this new year, and we find ourselves diving into the weeds of our cases, if you find a specific aspect of your practice that you find interesting, or if you think that you have information that other attorneys would find valuable, please reach out to me so we can work together towards having your articles published.  There is no better time to become a published attorney, and add more to your resume, than now.

If you have an article idea, please reach out to me at  Thank you, and I look forward to working with you toward having your articles published in the new year.