June 2017

Don't Lose Touch With Your Attorney Contacts, But If You Do...

By Jocelyn Salvatori

Associate Director, Career and Professional Development Office, California Western School of Law

I don’t know about you, but keeping in touch with everyone from my kindergarten friends to law school friends is a difficult task. On top of that, it is my job to keep in touch with every single attorney I have ever met. Inevitably, someone falls off my radar. Once in a while, I will lose touch with an attorney contact and then when I need to ask a favor, I kick myself and wish I had kept in better touch with that person. Maybe you can relate. If you find yourself in this predicament, here are my ideas for how to get back in touch — or to never lose touch in the first place.

  • Find an interesting article to send to your contact and send it via email with the message, “I saw this article and it reminded me of you.” Or, “ I thought you might enjoy this article as much as I did.”
  • When your contact earns an award or accolade, or wins a case, send a congratulatory email or call to say congratulations.
  • Find a picture of the two of you together and send it as a “Throwback Thursday” picture, on a Thursday, of course.
  • LinkedIn is a great tool to keep in touch or get back in touch with someone — congratulate your contact on a work anniversary or “like” one of their posts.
  • If you are volunteering at the Serving Seniors Center or participating at a beach clean-up, invite your contact to join you.
  • Offer to babysit/cat-sit/dog-sit for your contact.
  • If you see a job posting they might be interested in, send it to your contact with a note stating, “I saw this job and wanted to send it your way, just in case you know someone who might be interested.”
  • Invite your contact to a CLE course, speaker event, SDCBA event, or another local law-related organization's event.
  • If you know your contact is a hockey fan or basketball fan, invite them to watch a playoff game with you at your favorite bar.
  • When appropriate, send them a holiday or birthday message.
  • If you hear of a new restaurant or coffee shop you would like to try, send your contact a note stating, “We should try this restaurant, I heard it’s great.”
  • Summer is the time for concerts in the park. If you are going to a concert, invite your contact.
  • Almost everyone loves a good farmers market; invite your contact to join you one morning or afternoon for a farmers market outing.
  • If your contact has changed their photo or their bio on the firm’s website, send a note letting them know you like the new content.
  • Send an email or text, as follows: “Life has been busy, but I want to get back in touch. Let’s plan a time to get together soon.”
  • Lastly, I very recently and successfully used this tactic, which I now regret because there’s no backing out: If you are attempting to do a sprint triathlon or other type of race, invite your contact to join you so you can train together.

We’re all busy, but meeting new people and keeping in touch is one of the rewarding parts about practicing in our small legal community in San Diego. Everyone appreciates a note, so do not be afraid to keep in touch — or connect again.