October 2018

BarBucks Were Designed with New Lawyers in Mind

By Ellen Miller-Sharp

SDCBA Executive Director & CEO

We all love Groupons. I regularly scout Groupon for deals - especially restaurants, spas and Pilates studios. And because we all love a deal, the SDCBA wanted to see if we could create something like it. Our version is called “BarBucks” and it’s a deal you can’t miss.  
For just $50, we will give you $150 of BarBucks to use on most SDCBA CLEs and events.  

Want to go to the Forum’s prohibition themed party — Sidebar —on November 9? You could pay $60 for a ticket — an amazing price for this event — but better yet, why not buy BarBucks for $50, get $150 worth of BarBucks, buy your ticket for Sidebar and still have $90 left to use on CLE, tech programming, and conferences by the end of the year?

We spend a lot of time analyzing member needs and trends. As a result, we know that lawyers in their first 5 years of practice spent an average of $50 on programs and events annually, so we wanted to incentivize new lawyers to try more that the SDCBA offers without having to pay more. So, give it a try. And if you don’t use your full BarBucks balance by the end of the year, the BarBucks value will revert back to the equivalent of the face rate (back to 1/3 of the remaining value that never expires — just like a Groupon).  

So have fun at Sidebar, and remember to use the $90 of remaining BarBucks for the rest of your registration fees for the year!