Fleischer & Ravreby

Fleischer & Ravreby is a full-service family law practice based in Carlsbad, California, specializing in divorce. Our highly-rated family law attorneys know you are concerned about both the emotional and financial costs of a divorce on you and your family, especially your children. Fleischer & Ravreby provides the high quality legal representation you deserve. Our attorneys can help you evaluate all of the liabilities, risks and assets involved to help you decide how to proceed and have confidence in your decisions. We are dedicated to working with you to get the best possible results and maintain your standard of living.

We leverage our strong business and accounting backgrounds along with years of practical experience working with a diverse array of clients to give you every possible advantage throughout the divorce proceedings.

Whether you decide to pursue a mediated or Collaborative Divorce, or whether you must proceed to litigation in court, Fleischer & Ravreby’s entire team will stand with you as your dedicated advocates. From custody to spousal and child support, high-asset or complex property issues, we advise and support you each step of the way.

Website: www.frfamilylaw.com 
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Address: 2755 Jefferson St., Ste. 200, Carlsbad CA 92008-1714