Betty Evans Boone

(NOTE:  This is a selective biography, written in February 2006)

Date of Birth: 10/4/1928, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Spouse:  Elbert J. Boone, Children:  Sons, Evan and Karsten

Education: University of San Diego School of Law (1964) (part time, night school program) Admitted to California Bar 1965

Work:  Trust Department, Title Insurance & Trust Company (1965-1967), Office of San Diego County Counsel (1967-1981), Deputy County Counsel (1967- 1978), Chief Deputy County Counsel, in charge of Advisory Division (1978-1981)
Self-employed as Administrative Hearing Officer (1982-1996).

Bar/other: San Diego County Employees Retirement Association (SDCERA); San Diego City Employers Retirement System (SDCERS); Various departments of the County of San Diego and of the City of San Diego, Lawyers Club of San Diego, (1972-present), board member, Fund for Justice, various leadership positions including Treasurer, Board of Directors; Newsletter editor; Advisory Board member; chair/member of various committees, Chair, History & Archives Committee, First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego (1959-present), various leadership positions including Board President, Board Member, and chair of various committees, Friends of Legal Aid, Treasurer.