Law Students

Welcome to San Diego's Legal Community! We are excited that you are here, and chose this city to begin your legal careers. You will find that San Diego has a thriving, dynamic legal community, and we proudly welcome each and every one of you. You have taken the right first step in your career by joining the SDCBA. Through your SDCBA membership, you have the opportunities to connect with attorneys and judges, mentors and future colleagues in a number of unique ways.

The SDCBA allows you to explore areas of law that are of interest to you, with law students register for our Continuing Education Program (CLE) free of charge. Law Students can also engage with attorneys in an area of practice that is of particular interest through our interactive e-communities for each section. The e-communities include access to a listserve with hundreds of lawyers asking questions and practical advice of one another. Learn first-hand from the experts by getting involved, and look for information sent to you directly at your schools and on our social media pages.

There are also many informal networking opportunities available through our community service and outreach projects. Visit for more information.

Plus, utilize the discounts available to you as an SDCBA member including car insurance, rental cars, parking, books published by the ABA and more!