Con Recap: Quotes and Observations


When asked "what was your favorite sound byte from the 2015 Communications workshop," many respondents (ok, almost every one) quoted Tim Eigo, saying one of the biggest takeaways was to "always include puppies in your slidedeck."

Here a few other noteworthy quotes from our speakers and peers:

"If your association isn't using technology in every aspect of the way it does business and interacts with its members, it is alienating this generation and will be completely irrelevant to them."
Knowing Y: Engage the Next Generation Now, Author Sarah L. Sladek.

"I just tell them I am one person. I have 10 fingers and one brain."
Kerstin Firmin, Bar Association of San Francisco

"When people trust each other, things are done more effectively and efficiently."
Roy Reid, Outrageous Trust

"There are two kinds of people: People who hate public speaking, and liars."
Tim Eigo, Arizona State Bar

Other "takeaways" cited by attendees:

  • Lots of people want to redo their print publications.
  • Tell bar presidents to ask their colleagues about their concerns to generate column ideas.
  • We need to look into using Basecamp.
  • Don't be afraid to step out of the box when designing.
  • Get rid of the sliders on your homepage.
  • Create fun, engaging "save the date" videos for events such as golf outings, award ceremonies, annual meeting.
  • Video takes up a lot of space, you need storage space.
  • Have a blogger strategy, include in your media/outreach efforts.
  • Need a bigger army? Media train employees from other departments to help with big events.
  • You don't need stock art pictures of lawyers in offices - you have lawyers in offices to photograph.
  • You can't put a price tag on the friendships and professional connections you make at NABECOMM meetings.