Spring 2018

A Chat with Your Chair
Heather Folker, Colorado & Denver Bars

I love this time of year. However, it's also the time where I see my NABE buddies the least. 

Ding Dong, the (Print) Directory is Dead!
Sarah Coole, State Bar of Georgia

February 8, 2018. The day I officially killed our print directory. 

Helping Members Boost Their Practice IQ with 'Practice HQ'
Alexa Giacomini, State Bar of Illinois

For some time, our association has struggled with how to provide practical, comprehensive, and user-friendly practice management and technology resources.

On Wellness and Weight: The First Step Could Be Saying 'No" to Seconds
Russell Rawlings, North Carolina Bar

I constructed a fine sandwich of deli meat and cheese and probably more mayonnaise than I presently consume in a year.

In the Spotlight: Kathryn Holub
Maine Bar Association

An inside look at Bar Executive Kathryn Holub.

Find Your Football
Amy Starnes, State Bar of Texas

You learn who you truly are when you are tested. When you do something so completely out of your norm that your inner voice screeches 'Have you lost your mind?'

Steal This Idea: Coffee With Counsel
Karen Korr, San Diego County Bar

Not only has Coffee With Counsel been a great community service initiative, but it has also served as a highly successful public relations tactic for our lawyer referral service. 

October in Omaha!


The Importance of Association for Association Execs

When Is Your Bar Going to Say Something on This?

Vince Lombardi, 'Groundhog Day,' and the Pursuit of Perfection

Keeping Content From Becoming Chaos


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Karen Korr
San Diego County Bar Association
Director of Outreach Strategy & CCO