Summer 2018

Sexual Harassment: Changing the Conversation 
Lisa Deane, State Bar of Arizona

Over the past year we’ve all heard, watched and read news stories of sexual harassment in all professions. What is not typically discussed is the impact on employees and the entire workplace when sexual harassment exists.  

Don't Call It a Transition
Brandon Vogel, New York State Bar

How to upgrade your listserves to online communities.

Steal This Idea:
Spotlight on Service

Melissa Higgins, State Bar of Iowa

Looking to kill two birds with one stone: easy publication content, and the chance to make your members feel appreciated?

Losing Weight:
The Elevator Speech

Russell Rawlings, North Carolina Bar 

Having never worked in a building with more than three floors, crafting elevator speeches has never been my strong suit. First off, take the stairs. 

In the Spotlight:
Carole Lucido

Contra Costa Bar Association

An inside look at Bar Executive Carole Lucido.  

Quick Content Ideas
Nick Hansen, Hennepin County Bar

We’ve all been there. An author forgets a deadline and you're left looking at a one-page hole in your magazine. 

Public Positions and the Press
Karen Korr, San Diego County Bar

What makes a great press statement? One, it speaks to something your bar stands for, and two, it comes out in time for the press to actually use it.

It's Luminary Time

October in Omaha

Cover Story



Congrats to the Communications team at the South Carolina Bar Association!  The organization's website ( recently recieved the Palmetto Award of Excellence for Digital Communication and was named the Star of the Show by the South Carolina chapter of the International Association of Buisness Communicators. 

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Published by the National Association of Bar Executives Communications Section
Karen Korr
San Diego County Bar Association
Director of Outreach Strategy & CCO