Bars Winning Big Time

Dominick Alcid

Federal Bar Association


On the NABE Communications Section listserv, Wins of the Week are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the Winspirations, who share their achievements; and the Winspired who applaud (and borrow from!) those endeavors. These are their stories.


“The Colorado Bar Association is up $250,000 in dues revenue from this time last year without dues increases!... Many factors caused to the increase. We have a lot of folks moving to Colorado is the easy one. But, we recently revamped our Membership Department and rolled it in with our Communications Department. This created more efficiencies. We also were much more aggressive with our renewal campaign this year. We incorporated InFormz automated campaigns which is new to us this year. We also used a telemarketing company to call members who hadn’t renewed yet. We are on a July 1 fiscal year and we bill everyone at the same time.” – Heather Folker, Director of Communications and Marketing


“The Hennepin County Bar Association had our first “Tech Practice Projects” series this year. About eight attorneys showed up to work on different tech projects in one of our conference rooms. The energy was great and people were really excited to work on some nitty-gritty tech stuff, as opposed to just watching a speaker tell them how they should implement technology in their practice. Check out the links for more info… and “ – Nick Hansen, Communications Specialist


“This week, the State Bar of Georgia’s win is filming our third year of PSAs yesterday. It was such a great, long, emotional day. We are highlighting a mom who was a drug addict and almost lost her kids, a man who was falsely imprisoned for 22 YEARS for something he didn’t do, and a family who obtained guardianship of their son when he turned 18 so they could be his voice. He has cerebral palsy, and while he can speak and tell you what he wants, he isn’t able to make doctors’ appointments, sign documents, etc. So, yeah. I pretty much cried all day. Pete (falsely imprisoned), below, broke out in “Amazing Grace” after he told his story. And Lordy, we were all crying. I’m so excited to see the new stories put together!” Sarah Coole, Director of Communications


“We had a winningest week here as the Vermont Bar Association sponsored our Pro Bono Conference for a full day of CLE with a suggested donation to the foundation and agreement to take at least one pro bono case.  Over 100 in attendance and great programs.  We topped off the day with the new lawyer swearing-in ceremony.  Sure we are a week early, but every day should be pro bono day!!” - Jennifer Emens-Butler, Director of Education and Communication


“Our big win this week was the Lafayette Bar’s Champions of Justice Banquet this morning. This is an annual event that honors roughly 30 attorneys who worked pro bono through our foundation during the year. With the help of publishing a list of over 25 judges and elected officials scheduled to attend, our attendance jumped from 50 earlier this week to a final head count of 94 this morning.” - Katelyn Guidry, Marketing & Communications Coordinator


“We had a big win this week. If fact, this whole week is a big win the Dallas Bar Association staff (15 of us):

Monday – all day long Education Symposium with 250ish people. 

Tuesday – stuffed 750 goodie bags and set up rooms for Wednesday’s event…

Wednesday - pulled off a huge luncheon event for 750 people for our Inspiring Women Luncheon! It was a big success and we all survived!

Thursday – day of slight rest

Friday – Annual Meeting

TGIF in a huge way!” - Jessica D. Smith, Communications/Media Director


“The Hennepin County Bar Association got our annual Profiles in Practice issue out. (If you were in the diversity panel at NABEComm, you heard me talk about it there.) This is our third year doing the issue and we’ve gotten a great group of attorneys from a wide variety of backgrounds and practice areas. At our monthly editorial board meeting, I spoke with the former committee chair who first had the idea for this issue two years ago. He told me that this was one of his top 5 most gratifying professional accomplishments. He’s also a former bar president, so that’s saying a lot.

If anyone wants more info on how to put together one of these issues, I’d be happy to chat either via email or phone call.” – Nick Hansen, Communications Specialist