20/20 Vision Needed for NABECOMM20 Host Cities

Tim Eigo
Arizona Attorney Magazine, Comm Section Chair


Later this month, NABE members meet in Las Vegas for the midyear meeting. Odds are, educational and edutainment offerings will be awesome. (I may be biased, as I am a proud member of the NABE Professional Development Committee.)

Amidst the glitz, glitter and serious learning, your NABE Communications Section Council will meet. Among the heady items on our agenda: where to hold our Section Workshop in 2020.

That’s right – 2020.

Our 2019 Workshop is already deep into the planning process. Mark your calendars for #NABECOMM19 in Cleveland, Ohio. Our conference hotel will be adjacent to the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, so be sure to pack your favorite concert T-shirt. Yo, there may be prizes.

But we’re advance-planners, so in late January in Las Vegas we expect to select the Workshop location for the year 2020 – and if we’re lucky, we’ll get strong leads on interested cities for 2021 and beyond.

So I urge you to offer your own city and bar association as hosts for the 2020 Workshop. A few of you have already, and the Council benefits when it hears from multiple interested bars.

To nominate your city/region, there is a super-simple form to complete. Yes, we may need a smidge more detail later – but to kick off this dialogue, completing that form is all you need to do. Click here for the form. 

Questions? Email me at tim.eigo@staff.azbar.org

Here’s hoping your home becomes our Workshop home – in 2020 or beyond!