A Newbie's View of NABEComm18

Shelby Knafel

Colorado and Denver Bar Associations


I had the privilege of joining the Colorado Bar Association in September. Although my prior experiences had been with social media and communications, I had never had experience with a bar association before. So imagine my joy at the chance to join the NABE Communications Section 2018 Workshop where I would not only have the chance to learn about the most up-to-date trends and tips, but also work with people who’ve been familiar with bar associations across the country for years.

And while we’re at it, I’ll say this as well—I’ve never been to a professional work conference. So not only was this an absolute treat, it did come with many expectations.

And despite accidentally walking into a different organization’s conference on the first day (Oops!) it was an entirely enriching experience. From the first day to the last, there was always something new to learn or someone new to meet.

Outside of the sessions, I was duly impressed. The dinners were magnificent, well planned, and offered the opportunity to create more memories and pick more brains.

The dinner at the aquarium was possibly my favorite. Chatting and dining while sharks swim overhead and jelly fish danced in their tanks is certainly a moment I’ll never forget!

Overall, the sessions I attended I found relatable, practical, and easy to implement in my everyday work style. Which I’m proud to say, with the help of my fellow NABE
colleagues—I did!

I created a social media policy and crisis communication plan for the CBA; it is going to our Board of Executives for approval soon! Shout out to Farrah and Matt for answering all my questions and for staying in touch with me after the conference! Your help led me to creating active policies!

This year’s conference was certainly a treat and I’m grateful for the opportunities I found there! Thank you, wholeheartedly, to the NABE staff  and the programming committee who pulled this event together. I can’t wait to see you all again next year.