Winter 2018-2019

NABE 2020 Vision Needed
Tim Eigo, State Bar of Arizona

This month, NABE members meet in Las Vegas for the midyear meeting. Odds are, educational and edutainment offerings will be awesome.

A Newbie's View of NABEComm
Shelby Knafel
Colorado Bar Association

I've never been to a professional work conference. So not only was this an absolute treat, it did come with many expectations. 

Bars Winning Big Time
Dominick Alcid 
Federal Bar Association

Bars share what's working well with their weekly wins.

Wellness: What the Hell's Going On Down There?
Russell Rawlings, North Carolina Bar

The question came from above. Literally. The gentleman was sitting alone atop Royals Stadium, most likely nursing a beer, on the uppermost row of the upper deck.

In the Spotlight: Farrah Fite
Missouri Bar Association

An inside look at Bar
Executive Farrah Fite.

10 Takeaways in 11 Years
Karen Korr
San Diego County Bar/Full Korr Press

Through myriad meetings and memos, the last decade at the Bar has taught me a thing or two. 



Being Relevant

NCWBA Develops Diversity Tools

Healthy Living Begins with Control


The Business of Blogging

Lawyer Twitter Tips

Your 2018 Luminary Winners



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Karen Korr
San Diego County Bar Association/Full Korr Press