WetSuits is the official surfing group of the SDCBA. It organizes weekly and monthly paddle-outs, and facilitates connections between SDCBA surfers. Membership is limited to SDCBA members, and participants are required to complete a liability waiver.

The SDCBA has a huge community of surfers. We hail from diverse backgrounds and practice areas, but we share a common passion for surfing, the ocean, and the law. It’s at the intersection of these shared passions that WetSuits forges genuine connections.

WetSuits serves SDCBA members by offering a fun and holistic way to make new connections. The more connected SDCBA members become, the stronger, more diverse, and more professional the organization becomes. From our perspective, there is no better way to connect with a colleague than paddling out under the morning mist, and sitting together atop the ocean waiting for a wave from a thousand miles away. We think many SDCBA members would agree!  To join WetSuits, click here

Wetsuits Activities

Check back here for information about upcoming Wetsuits activities.

Required waiver to participate in any WetSuits activity:  https://www.sdcba.org/docDownload/710789


WetSuits communicates to its members via its Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/sdcbawetsuits. Members can share surf reports, photos, schedule surf sessions, and receive updates and paddle-out invites.