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The 2011 “Connect” campaign encouraged members to connect with the SDCBA, and what it means to be a part of San Diego’s legal community.

Throught the campaign, the SDCBA worked to help you find the time to step away from your desks, put down your smart phones and join us at SDCBA events to get in touch with what matters most in this profession – the connection to our colleagues, the courts, our communities, and the commitment to our careers.

The SDCBA will continue to aid its members in making the following connections:

Connecting with the Courts: It is critical to the justice system that attorneys and judges are able to connect with each other and recognize areas where the bench and the bar can collaborate. Through this campaign and the continued efforts of the Bench-Bar Committee, the SDCBA will continue to foster an open dialogue between judges and attorneys in our community. Visit the SDCBA calendar here to view court connection opportunities.

Connecting with the Community: The SDCBA stays committed to its 2009 Lawyers Giving Back campaign and will continue to offer opportunities for lawyers to volunteer for San Diego’s many service programs through “Connect.” Members can connect with the community through the service efforts of SDCBA’s Children At Risk and Community Service Committees as well as other service programs and projects in need. Click here to view current volunteer opportunities to stay connected with the community.

Connecting with Colleagues: When practicing in the vibrant community of San Diego, it is important that attorneys connect with each other – the diverse and dynamic professionals who make the legal profession so great. To view upcoming events for a chance to connect with your colleagues, click here.

Connecting with your Career: The “Connect” campaign will encourage attorneys to commit to their careers and connect with their clients – to fully understand their needs in order to better connect with them and become better advocates on behalf of those they represent.

2011 Connect Year in Review

For a full review of SDCBA events brought to you during the 2011 Connect campaign, click here.

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