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San Diego County Bar Association

In 2012, under the leadership of President Marvin Mizell, the SDCBA aimed to “Pave the Path” for the future of our legal community. Practicing law today is different than it has ever been before, and today’s SDCBA members are integral to paving the path for generations of attorneys to come. As a legal community, there are obstacles that we will contend with and it is incumbent upon us to insure that the path to justice for all is unobstructed.

The Bar Association is growing and evolving, both in number and in our consistent expansion to adopt programs that support our mission. As such, it is important that we consider options for the Bar Center’s future “home,” in order to best accommodate the needs of our members.

Through the campaign, the SDCBA worked to insure that members were provided with tools to successfully practice in San Diego for years to come, that citizens were getting access to justice by insuring that court funding does not delay the due process of law, and that children receive opportunities to be all that they can be through the mentorship and guidance lawyers in our community can provide.

We encourage you to help us - to add your voice, your ideas, your suggestions - as your “brick” as we continue to Pave the Path - whether it be by volunteering for the SCRA program, educating the community on the importance of an adequately funded court, serving as a mentor, or hosting a summer intern through the Diversity Fellowship Program.