Become a SDCBA Arbitrator

The Fee Arbitration program offers parties an opportunity to resolve a fee disputes as an alternative to taking the dispute to court.   The San Diego County Bar Association is looking for attorneys and members of the public to volunteer to become arbitrators.

Arbitrators are professionals with reasonable experience in dealing with contractual matters, a willingness to listen to both parties, and experience as a volunteer in a community. We are looking for people who are willing to evaluate fee disputes between clients and their attorneys.

Applicants must provide a list of six personal references. Arbitrators are fact finders. They review written material provided by the parties, listen to the presentations of the parties, and then determine how much, if anything, remains due or must be refunded.

This is an opportunity to be of service to the community in assisting those who need to resolve serious issues involving attorney fees. Fee Arbitration hearings usually last half a day. A written Findings and Award is prepared based on the decision of the Arbitration Panel. This is a volunteer position and there is no compensation. Procedural matters are handled by the Coordinator of the Fee Arbitration Committee of the County Bar Association and the Presiding Arbitrator for each panel.

Arbitrators are assigned to only one matter at a time and may serve as frequently as requested. Matters are set for hearing at mutually agreeable times.