Marissa A. Bejarano

San Diego County District Attorney’s Office

Years admitted to practice in California: 14 Years
Years practicing in San Diego: 14 years
Years as a member of the SDCBA: 10 years (2007-2011, 2014-Present)
Areas of practice: Criminal Law, Trial and Appellate Practice

SDCBA Sections or Committees

  • Appellate Practice Section
  • Leadership Outreach Committee

Other SDCBA projects

  • Diversity Pledge
  • Diversity Fellowship Program

Leadership positions at the SDCBA

  • Young New Lawyers Division, Board Member 2008-2010
  • Unity Breakfast Chair, 2009

Leadership roles in other bar associations or other non-legal associations

  • Vice Chair, San Diego County Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, 2017-Present
  • Vice Chair, Clerk, Trustee, Chula Vista Elementary School District, 2012-2016
  • Board President, Board Member & Program Director, MANA de San Diego, 2004-2016

Awards and honors

  • San Diego Metro Magazine, 40 under 40 (2018)
  • Women of Color in the Law, First Responder Award (2018)
  • San Diego County Bar Association, Outstanding Service by a Public Attorney (2011)
  • San Diego Soroptimist, Ruby Award (2011)
  • 10News, Leadership Award (2011)
  • Girl Scouts San Diego, Cool Women Award (2007)
  • Bank of America, San Diego Local Hero (2007) 

Description of what inspires you

When the impossible becomes possible.  Working hard to tackle a problem and never giving up, no matter how challenging.  Hearing stories of others who have overcome the odds, worked hard, focused, been relentless, and been catalysts for change.  Their stories are inspiring and uplifting.

Description of what you would bring to the SDCBA Board

Description of what you would bring to the SDCBA board

  • Commitment to Diversity

I will continue to promote and advocate for diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.  I will work to increase the number of signatories to the SDCBA Diversity pledge and work with signatories to promote diversity within law firms and legal departments.  I will also work to improve the communication amongst the diversity bars and SDCBA.

  • Serving the Membership

I will make it a priority to serve the needs of SDCBA’s diverse membership by developing programs that serve all practice areas.

Other information you would like to share with the SDCBA membership

I am a dedicated public servant both professionally and in my personal life.  In my personal life, I have had the fortune of serving in various leadership positions, including serving as a board trustee for the Chula Vista Elementary School District, the largest k-6 district in the state, and as a commissioner on the San Diego County Commission on the Status of Women and Girls.  Those experiences and others have well prepared me to serve as a leader in our diverse legal community.  If elected to the Board, I will bring my dedication to public service, my commitment to hard work, and my leadership skills to help address the current issues facing our Bar.

Endorsements by individuals or groups


  • San Diego Deputy District Attorney’s Association
  • Tom Homann LGBT Law Association
  • Lawyers Club of San Diego
  • San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association
  • Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego
  • Earl B. Gilliam Bar Association
  • Filipino American Lawyers of San Diego
  • Korean American Bar Association of San Diego
  • San Diego County Native American Lawyers Association

Past SDCBA Presidents

  • Jerrilyn Malana
  • Marvin Mizell
  • Heather Rosing
  • Jon Williams
  • Richard Huver


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  • Summer Stephan
  • James Koerber
  • Dante Pride
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  • Lilia Garcia
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  • Jessica Pride
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  • Lizzette Herrera Catellanos
  • Michelle Iallegio
  • Jose Badillo
  • Pablo Palomino
  • Yvette Lopez-Cooper
  • Nadia Bermudez
  • Leslie Devaney
  • Ronson Shamoun
  • Timothy Miranda
  • Peter Quon
  • Scott Taylor
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  • Anne Rudolph
  • Erika Hiramatsu
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  • Mikhak Ghorban