Judy S. Bae

Miller Monson Peshel Polacek & Hoshaw

Years admitted to practice in California: 16
Years practicing in San Diego: 15 years
Years as a member of the SDCBA: 15 years
Areas of practice: Trust/Probate litigation and a small amount of civil litigation.

SDCBA Sections or Committees

Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Section
Civil Section
Ethnic Relations & Diversity Committee (ERDC)

Other SDCBA projects

Ask a Lawyer program
Dialogue on Diversity
Diversity Fellowship program
Planning monthly MCLEs for the Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Section
Section & Committee Council (SCC)
Senior Outreach - serving lunch at the Gary & Mary West Senior Center
Wills for Heroes

Leadership positions at the SDCBA

2015 - Member-At-Large for the Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Section
2016 - Vice Chair for the Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Section
2017 - Chair for the Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Section


Leadership roles in other bar associations or other non-legal associations

2015 - Board member of Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego
2016 - President-Elect of Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego
2017 - President of Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego
2017 - Board member of Enright Inn of Court

Awards and honors

Daily Transcript Top Attorney - Estate Planning/Probate/Trust/Tax

Finalist - 2012, 2013, and 2015
Semi-Finalist - 2014                                               

San Diego Business Journal - Best of the Bar            

2015, 2016, and 2017        

Description of what inspires you

One of my favorite phrases is If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door (Milton Berle) because it combines a variety of philosophies that inspire me–all of which center around positivity. Life is full of opportunities and there are times when you are waiting for the right opportunity to come knocking. However, there are times when you feel as though you have been waiting forever. Rather than waiting, take matters into your own hands! Take a positive step and build a door so that you are available for the next opportunity to knock or go step through the door to go find the opportunity for yourself.

Description of what you would bring to the SDCBA Board

My practice area (trust/estates) is one that has not been traditionally represented in SDCBA’s board. My prior leadership experiences and unique practice will be a valuable contribution to SDCBA. My main objectives, if elected, are as follows:

  • Build and expand on our foundation of a civil and congenial practice. With the continuing budget cuts facing the courts, backlogs and delays will only grow. If civility and resolution skills were practiced, the administrative aspects of discovery disputes, motions to compel could be diminished to help free up our court’s valuable resources.
  • Create opportunities for new attorneys to learn practice and soft skills. The legal job market landscape has changed. Many newly admitted attorneys hang up their shingles rather than starting out in a traditional law firm. This creates a gap between law school and practice that is not fulfilled through traditional law firm mentorship opportunities. By creating programs that provide opportunities to bring experienced practitioners together with newly admitted attorneys, this will benefit our legal community as a whole and has an immediate effect on our new colleagues.

Other information you would like to share with the SDCBA membership

The SDCBA has been described as the hub of our legal community and has the unique opportunity to foster inclusion and advancement. However, this is not possible without active solicitation and relationship building. These tools are essential for all attorneys and are often the most important keys for diverse attorneys to advance. Fostering the dialogue is the only way barriers can be eliminated and inclusion is achieved. Inclusion does not mean just being asked to the dance; inclusion requires that you invite individuals to plan the dance, select the music, and actually dance at the event.

Endorsements by individuals or groups


Earl B. Gilliam Bar Association (EBGBA)                                                                       
Filipino American Lawyers of San Diego (FALSD)
Korean American Bar Association of San Diego (KABASD)
Lawyers Club                                  
National Asian Pacific Islander Prosecutors Association (NAPIPA)
Native American Lawyers Association of San Diego (NALASD)       
Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego (PALSD)                  
Probate Attorneys of San Diego (PASD)
San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association (SDLRLA)
South Asian Bar Association of San Diego (SABA-SD)
Tom Homann LGBT Law Association (THLA)   

Past SDCBA Presidents

Heather Rosing
Jerrilyn Malana
Marcella McLaughlin
Richard Huver
Todd Stevens

Probate Practitioners

  • Anne Rudolph
  • Barbara Orr
  • Craig Gross
  • Elise Streicher
  • Gina Stein
  • Greg Borawski
  • Hilary Vrem
  • James Brown
  • James Goodwin
  • Jeremiah Moffit
  • Jerilyn Jones
  • Judy Copeland
  • Kristen Caverly
  • Kris Mukherji
  • Mary Gillick
  • Merrianne Dean
  • Olga Alvarez
  • Shannon Stein

Civil Practitioners

  • Alanna Pearl
  • Arlene Yang
  • Ashley Kerins
  • Ben Aguilar
  • Catherine Asuncion
  • Chiharu Sekino
  • Ed Chapin
  • Jae Park
  • James Iagmin
  • Janice F. Mulligan
  • Jon Tangonan
  • Jonah Toleno
  • Kim Oberrecht
  • Kimberly Ahrens
  • Manfred Muecke
  • Micaela Banach
  • Michael MacKinnon
  • Nadia Bermudez
  • Nancy Stagg
  • Natalie Wilhelm
  • Nicholas Fox
  • Peter Lynch
  • Regan Furcolo
  • Sam Sherman
  • Steve Vosseller
  • Susan Hack
  • Susan Swan
  • Teresa Beck
  • Tom Kelleher
  • Valerie Garcia Hong
  • Victoria Stairs
  • William Small

Other Practitioners

  • Alara Chilton
  • Allison Soares
  • Amanda Harris
  • Andy Cook
  • Anna Yum
  • Ariel Javier
  • Brigid Campo
  • Dennis Dawson
  • Elidia Dostal
  • Erika Hiramatsu
  • Fanny Yu
  • Jennifer Chang
  • John Edwards
  • Kia Roberts
  • Lizzette Herrera
  • Peter Quon
  • Rupa Singh
  • Sandra Chong
  • Steve Kruis
  • Yahairah Aristy