Linh Lam

San Diego County District Attorney’s Office

Years admitted to practice in California: 11 years 9 months
Years practicing in San Diego: 11 years 9 months
Years as a member of the SDCBA: 11 years 9 months (2006-2017)
Areas of practice: Criminal Law, Appellate

SDCBA Sections or Committees

Appellate Section. 

I would like to start a Criminal Section and a Government/Public Agency Section, which do not yet exist at the SDCBA.

Other SDCBA projects

Diversity Fellowship Program, Volunteer Application Reviewer and Interviewer

Face-Lift Neighborhood Cleanup, City Heights San Diego, Volunteer

SDCBA co-sponsored numerous programs with PALSD, where I lead and organized those functions, including: Judge & Law Student Mixers, Introduction to Taking Depositions, Defending Depositions, Mindfulness and Meditation, Dialogue on Diversity, Holidays Around the World

Leadership positions at the SDCBA


Leadership roles in other bar associations or other non-legal associations

  • Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego
    • President
    • President-Elect
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Director
    • Membership Chair
    • Mentorship Chair
  • Lawyers Club of San Diego
    • Member 
  • National Asian Pacific American Bar Association
    • Member
  • National Asian Pacific Islander Prosecutors Association
    • Member

Awards and honors

  • On behalf of PALSD, Legal Aid Society Outstanding Service Award, 2016
  • Finalist, San Diego Daily Transcript Top Attorney, 2015
  • Recipient, George Woody Clarke Award for Prosecutorial Excellence, 2015

Description of what inspires you

I am continually inspired by citizens of courage — those men and women who stand up against injustice, voice objection to racism, fight against sexism and gender bias, recognize the good in community, and live to promote the advancement of all people in the face of overwhelming adversity. Many of these men and women volunteer their valuable time and energy to community and diversity organizations across the country, and especially in San Diego. They work tirelessly to seek equality for all people. I have been blessed to have worked alongside these men and women and to have learned from them.

Description of what you would bring to the SDCBA Board

My nine years on PALSD’s board showed me that a board’s success and its ability to effectively lead and do good depends upon the directors’ ability to work together while sharing diverse ideas. My background in public service provides insight into building partnerships between the SDCBA and diversity bars to bring better services to all attorneys.

If elected, I plan to develop programs to: 1) aid professional development of diversity attorneys in all stages of their career; and 2) raise awareness of mental and emotional health issues for lawyers.

In light of these goals, I partnered with SDCBA to present two programs: taking depositions and defending depositions. Addressing mental health, I spearheaded a mindfulness program with SDCBA’s Ethnic Relations & Diversity Committee. I had addressed in my PALSD Outgoing President’s Speech the issue of mental health, specifically suicide, in our profession. A friend and former PALSD director had committed suicide in 2016, which affected me greatly. The practice of law is challenging in itself, but add to that the unique challenges and pressures faced by diversity attorneys and our profession becomes an even harder one to practice. Raising awareness of mental health is essential to our well-being as lawyers.

Other information you would like to share with the SDCBA membership

While at the District Attorney’s Office and on PALSD’s board, I have seen the impact community can have on people — its effect on well-being, perspectives on world issues, and the ability to overcome adversity. This understanding of the significant impact of community compels me to seek a directorship on the SDCBA board. Mentorship and professional development programming are essential to community building, well-being, and advancement of our attorneys. In my 12 years as a lawyer, I found mentorship from lawyers in the SDCBA and other diversity organizations to be invaluable to my own professional development. Now, as an Assistant Chief in my office, I am in the position to pay it forward by proactively mentoring young law students and attorneys. As PALSD’s President, I endeavored to build partnerships between law firms, government agencies, and diversity organizations to build community bonds. I hope to do the same on SDCBA’s board.

Endorsements by individuals or groups

Local Organizations

Filipino American Lawyers of San Diego (FALSD)
Korean American Bar Association of San Diego (KABA-SD)
Lawyers Club
National Asian Pacific Islander Prosecutors Association (NAPIPA)
Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego (PALSD)
San Diegans Against Crime (SDAC)
San Diego Deputy District Attorneys Association (SD-DDAA)
San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association (SDLRLA)
South Asian Bar Association of San Diego (SABA-SD)
Tom Homann LGBT Law Association (THLA)   

Former SDCBA Presidents

Heather Rosing
Jerrilyn Malana
Marcella McLaughlin
Marvin Mizell
Richard Huver


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