Nicholas J. Fox

Foley & Lardner LLP

Years admitted to practice in California: 7 Years
Years practicing in San Diego: 7 years
Years as a member of the SDCBA: 7 years
Areas of practice:

  • Civil litigation
  • Consumer and privacy class actions
  • Corporate disputes
  • Appellate practice

SDCBA Sections or Committees

  • Civil Litigation Section
  • Appellate Practice Section
  • Ethnic Relations & Diversity Committee

Other SDCBA projects

  • The SDCBA and Tom Homann LGBT Law Association have worked together on numerous events, including Dialogue on Diversity, Holidays Around The World, and the 2016 City Attorney Primaries Debate.

Leadership positions at the SDCBA

  • Not at SDCBA, but I have held leadership positions at many other organizations, as discussed below.

Leadership roles in other bar associations or other non-legal associations

  • Tom Homann LGBT Law Association
    1. Co-President:  2013 – 2015; 2016 – 2018
    2. Board Member:  2012 – 2018
    3. Committees:  Endorsements, Annual Dinner, Public Relations, Elections, Membership
  • Tom Homann LGBT Law Foundation
    1. President:  2016 – 2018
    2. Board Member:  2016 – 2018
  • University of San Diego School of Law Alumni Association
    1. Board Member:  2015 – 2018
    2. Co-Chair, Philanthropy Committee:  2016 – 2018
    3. Committees:  Diversity, Mentorship, Nominations, Executive
  • University of San Diego School of Law LGBTQ Scholarship Committee
    1. Chair:  2015 – 2018
  • Association of Business Trial Lawyers
    1. Member:  Leadership Development Committee
  • General Member of SDCBA, Tom Homann LGBT Law Association, Lawyers Club of San Diego, La Raza Lawyers of San Diego, Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego, Filipino American Lawyers of San Diego, South Asian Bar Association of San Diego, Hon. William B. Enright Inn of Court, National LGBT Bar Association, American Bar Association, Federal Bar Association, and Association of Business Trial Lawyers.

Awards and honors

  • San Diego Super Lawyers® – Rising Star (2018)
  • Witkin Award – Changemaker: Advancing Access To Justice, San Diego Law Library Foundation (2017)
  • Co-Presidents’ Award, Tom Homann LGBT Law Association (2015)
  • Outstanding Service Award, Legal Aid Society of San Diego (2013)
  • Wiley W. Manuel Certificate for Pro Bono Legal Services, State Bar of California (multiple years)
  • Order of the Coif, USD School of Law
  • San Diego Law Review, Senior Executive Editor

Description of what inspires you

Selflessness.  As attorneys, we are extremely busy with our practices, let alone time for family, friends, or community involvement.  But many of us try to give back to our communities.  We serve on volunteer boards, assume leadership positions, and take on pro bono clients who are in most need of legal help.  And we do it not for recognition, but because it’s the right thing to do.  Volunteering our time to help individuals and organizations do better reflects the stewardship of our profession.  We sacrifice our time so that our communities can hopefully be bettered by our commitment.

Description of what you would bring to the SDCBA Board

Experience and initiative.  Having held leadership positions in different organizations, I know that those organizations can make a great impact.  SDCBA is no different, and with good people who are dedicated to seeing SDCBA improve, we can create growth and provide more targeted member services.  I want to:

  • Continue SDCBA’s tradition of diverse representation.  In order to have a representative, effective, and impactful SDCBA, we need to underscore the importance of having diverse representation at the table and in the decision-making process. 
  • Increase collaboration among SDCBA and constituent groups.  SDCBA may be the hub of legal activities and events, but our rich, diverse bar associations and sections add vibrancy.  SDCBA can strengthen these relationships by acting as a facilitator and collaborator of cross-association events.
  • Improve outreach and services to the communities we serve.  Many of our diverse communities are currently threatened or under attack.  SDCBA should encourage its members to undertake pro bono and volunteer work, and facilitate opportunities with organizations serving underrepresented communities.
  • Develop programming to encourage newer member involvement.  SDCBA should reach out to junior attorneys to gain insight as to they want in SDCBA.  SDCBA can grow by targeting the needs of the next generation of lawyers.

Other information you would like to share with the SDCBA membership

I believe in collaboration and initiative.  I am not someone who sits idly by, performs the basic functions of the job, and calls it a day.  When I become involved in the leadership of an organization, I take on a fiduciary and stewardship role.  I want to leave the organization better than when I joined it, and that requires doing more than routine business.  It requires reaching out to other individuals and organizations, collaborating with them, taking on new initiatives to expand programming, services, and membership.  Growing and improving the County Bar should be the Board’s focus, and that requires gaining insight into what its members want (and what would attract new members).  It requires reaching out into the communities we serve.  I am not here to let SDCBA be stagnant.  I’m here to make it grow and make it better.

Endorsements by individuals or groups

I am honored to have the endorsement of the following organizations:

  • Tom Homann LGBT Law Association
  • Lawyers Club of San Diego
  • Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego
  • San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association
  • Earl B. Gilliam Bar Association

I am also honored to have the endorsement of the following individuals:

Past SDCBA Presidents

Todd F. Stevens
Heather L. Rosing
Jerrilyn T. Malana
Monty A. McIntyre
Virginia C. Nelson

Past County Bar Board Members

Lizzette Herrera (Past President, La Raza)
Anita Margolis
Andy Cook
Jim Crosby

Community Members

  • Mara Elliott
    (City Attorney)
  • Olga Alvarez
    (Past President, Lawyers Club)
  • Jamie Quient
    (Past President, Lawyers Club)
  • Jonah Toleno
    (Past President, FALSD)
  • Nadia Bermudez (Past President, La Raza; Past President, Lawyers Club)
  • Eran Bermudez (Past President, La Raza)
  • Melissa Deleon (Past President, FALSD)
  • Ariel Javier (Past President, FALSD)
  • Melissa Johnson (Chair, L&E Section)
  • Angelica Sciencio (Chair, ERDC)
  • George E.C. Seymour (President, THLA)
  • Ellen L. Smith (President, THLA)
  • Stephen Ferruolo (Dean, USD Law)
  • Kyle Nageotte (Past Chair, CYLA)
  • Rich Segal
  • Alex Calero
  • Kathryn M.S. Catherwood
  • Gayle Blatt
  • Susan Hack
  • Carolina Bravo-Karimi
  • Debbie Rider
  • Robert Gleason
  • Ronson Shamoun
  • Nancy Stagg
  • Ben Coughlan