David M. Majchrzak

Klinedinst PC

Years admitted to practice in California: 15
Years practicing in San Diego: 15
Years as a member of the SDCBA: 15
Areas of practice: Legal Ethics and Law Firm Risk Management
Professional Liability

SDCBA Sections or Committees

Legal Ethics Committee
Civil Litigation Section

Other SDCBA projects

Conference of Delegates
Mentor Circle Program
San Diego High School Mock Trial Program

Leadership positions at the SDCBA

Vice Chair and Executive Committee member of Legal Ethics Committee
Co-editor and co-author of Ethics Quarterly
Attorney coach for San Diego High School Mock Trial Program
Mentor in the Mentor Circle Program

Leadership roles in other bar associations or other non-legal associations

President, William L. Todd, Jr. American Inn of Court (2011-2015); Executive Committee (2010-present)
Outreach Committee Chair, State Bar of California Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct (2015-2016)
Marketing Committee, Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers (2016-present)
Director, Thomas Jefferson School of Law Alumni Association (2016-present)
Judge, San Diego Teen Court (2011-present)
American Inns of Court National Program Awards Committee (2012-2014)
Director, Kiwanis, Poway Chapter (2008-2009).

Description of what inspires you

The relationships that I cultivate are tremendous motivators in my life. I love getting to know people, discovering their talents, and working with them to discover new ways for them to flourish. The result of such efforts is not only intrinsically rewarding, but also creates a better environment for me to live and work in.

Description of what you would bring to the SDCBA Board

As a leader in local, county, state, and national organizations, I have developed a wealth of experience in serving diverse membership bases and honing traits for effective leadership. I establish and meet deadlines, am approachable and tactful, take genuine interest in the views of others, test theories to ensure the right outcomes are reached, and respect others’ time. Members of the Bar will benefit by having logical decision-making and reasonable voices that reach mutual decisions benefiting all of the membership. Knowing that the best decisions sometimes come from unexpected places, I promise to always encourage ideas and seek input, while building consensus.

Commitment to our community is critical for successful leaders, and mine has been unwavering.  I help many of the members of our community through the legal services I provide, often including free ethics advice. In addition, I regularly present on legal ethics throughout the state, have served as the co-editor and co-author of the San Diego County Bar Association’s Ethics Quarterly for the past three years, and have drafted numerous ethics opinions as a member of the County Bar’s Legal Ethics Committee and the State Bar’s Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct.

Other information you would like to share with the SDCBA membership

I love the legal profession. That is why I have devoted my career to the law of lawyering and why I have become so involved in educating and protecting fellow members of the bar. Even my children know that I am passionate about helping fellow attorneys.

My experience and practice makes me incredibly well-suited for serving on the Board of Directors. I regularly provide guidance and counsel on appropriate decisions to make, considering both the best ways to navigate their ethical responsibilities and the success of their practices. That experience is very valuable as the Bar evolves to face new challenges, such as addressing automated legal advice from alternative business structures, increasing its membership, expanding its programs, and promoting diversity. With my practice, I deal with the problems of our profession on a daily basis and am incredibly well-positioned to help the SDCBA Board avoid costly mistakes.

Without question, I believe in giving back to the community I serve, and have done significant work in cultivating tomorrow’s attorneys today. Members of the Bar will have no question that I have their back, and will keep the Bar moving forward. 

Endorsements by individuals or groups


Earl B. Gilliam Bar Association
Filipino American Lawyers of San Diego
Iranian American Bar Association
Korean American Bar Association of San Diego
Native American Lawyers Association
Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego
San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association
South Asian Bar Association of San Diego
Tom Homann LGBT Law Association


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