A. Melissa Johnson

Spencer Johnson McCammon LLP

Years admitted to practice in California: 22
Years practicing in San Diego: 22
Years as a member of the SDCBA: 22
Areas of practice: Employment Law

SDCBA Sections or Committees

Labor & Employment
Civil Litigation

Other SDCBA projects

Ask a Lawyer
Leadership Retreats
Law Student Welcome Receptions
San Diego County High School Mock Trial Program

Leadership positions at the SDCBA

Chair, Labor & Employment Executive Committee (2018)
Member at Large, Labor & Employment Executive Committee (2015-2017)

Leadership roles in other bar associations or other non-legal associations

California Employment Lawyers Association (CELA)
Board of Directors (2018)
Mentor Committee (2016-present)
Lawyers Club of San Diego
Co-Chair, Mentor Committee (2018)
LGTBQ Committee (2018)
Bench Bar Committee (2017-present)

Awards and honors

American Institute of Legal Counsel, 10 Best Client Satisfaction, Labor & Employment (2016)

Description of what inspires you

The fearless people who relentlessly pursue social justice – inclusion, fairness, and equality – motivate me to do the same.  Many of my own experiences shaped my appreciation for social justice, including when the National Organization for Women successfully sued Little League Baseball so that 8-to-12 year old girls, like I was then, could play. From this, I learned how legal advocacy could open doors that were previously closed. Even as a young girl, I saw how I benefited because others fought for my rights.  And I knew I wanted to be a lawyer so I could also open doors for others.

Description of what you would bring to the SDCBA Board

Diversity in SDCBA Leadership.  Our San Diego legal community is rich with many talented, committed, and engaged attorneys, but we lack diversity in SDCBA leadership.  As chair of the SDCBA labor and employment section, I actively encouraged - and still encourage - executive committee members to position diverse speakers in educational programming.  This brought fast and excellent results as the SDCBA speaker pool quickly became more inclusive.  Our SDCBA committee structure is a great vehicle to identify leadership within the San Diego legal community.  As a Board member, I will pursue an organizational commitment to diversity in SDCBA programs and governance.  I will work with diverse bar associations to identify emerging leaders, and support and encourage their path to governance within the SDCBA.  

New Lawyer Development.  I will continue to advance the SDCBA's commitment to bridging the gap between law school and law practice by providing educational programs and resources to new lawyers.

Enhance Section Webpages.  I would like to establish an SDCBA working group to help each section increase the visibility of its webpage, and develop a plan to regularly review and refresh content.

Endorsements by individuals or groups


Consumer Attorneys of San Diego
Filipino American Lawyers of San Diego
Iranian American Bar Association
Korean American Bar Association
La Raza Lawyers of San Diego
Lawyers Club of San Diego
National Employment Lawyers Association San Diego
Native American Lawyers Association
Pan Asian Lawyers San Diego
South Asian Bar Association
Tom Homann LGBT Law Association

Past SDCBA Presidents

Richard Huver
Todd Stevens


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