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San Diego County Bar Association

SDCBA Campaign on Civility, Integrity, and Professionalism

The goal of the Campaign on Civility, Integrity, and Professionalism is to spread the word in our legal community about the importance, as well as the advantages, of conducting oneself in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism at all times. By doing so, we best serve our clients, and become more effective advocates. We also improve the profile and image of our honorable profession with the public.

As part of the Campaign, the SDCBA is proud to introduce a revised and expanded Attorney Code of Conduct. The SDCBA’s original Civil Litigation Code of Conduct was developed nearly 20 years ago, and was intended to serve as a guide for trial attorneys. The SDCBA’s new Attorney Code of Conduct, drafted by a hard-working committee of Bench and Bar leaders, has been distributed to SDCBA members in booklet format. Our hope is that our members will read it, keep it, embrace it, and share its importance with others entering the profession. To read the Attorney Code of Conduct, click here.

The Attorney Code of Conduct is one of the cornerstones of the Campaign. Following its distribution, the SDCBA will publish another document entitled Guidelines for Effective and Professional Advocacy. Guidelines is a list of specific tips for attorneys on how to conduct themselves both in and outside of a courtroom. Guidelines is based on an older document entitled 50 Tips From the Bench, and was updated by a dedicated group of attorneys and judges who are interested in promoting civility in our community.

Another important component of our Campaign is the media outreach effort. We have and will continue to publish articles in both the SDCBA Bar Report and San Diego Lawyer, in addition to many other legal and non-legal publications, discussing issues and stories related to civility, ethics, and professional conduct.

The SDCBA recently hosted the inaugural Jay Wheeler Annual Civility Seminar. This signature CLE and event honors Jay Wheeler, who embodied the spirit of this Campaign throughout his career. The Jay Wheeler Annual Civility Seminar is a one-of-kind program, designed to reinforce the ideals of the legal profession, and encourage mentorship in our legal community.

Thank you for supporting our campaign on Civility, Integrity, and Professionalism, and for contributing to the continued excellence of our profession.

The Attorney Code of Conduct can be found here.
The SDCBA Guidelines for Effective and Professional Advocacy can be found here.

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