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April 2014
Editor-in-Chief: Nicole Egan
Contributing Editor: Alanna Whittington
Contributing Writers: Matthew Lab, Samuel Mazzeo, Michael Olinik, Bhashini Weerasinghe, Nikki Weil
Letter From the President
Alanna Whittington
Inter Alia Lawyers
New Lawyer Division President

Dear Members:

Spring is sprung! I hope you all are taking some time away from your desks to get outside and enjoy our glorious San Diego weather. To me, spring represents a time for renewal and new beginnings. With that in mind, the NLD Board has been hard at work planning some exciting new opportunities for our members to make new friends and connections within our community.


Hot Off the Presses

H-1B Work Visas are Capped… Now What?
Nikki Weil
Law Office of Nicole L. Weil

The March Madness of work visas, also known as H-1B Cap season, has just ended and new challenge begins.

The H-1B visa allows companies to hire foreign workers who have at least a bachelor's degree or equivalent. It is a common visa for professionals such as engineers, scientists, teachers and even lawyers.

There are only 65,000 new H-1B visas available each year, plus an additional 20,000 for U.S. advanced degree holders. Thus, the numerical cap is often met within the first few days that petitions are accepted. Once the cap is met, there are no more H-1B visas available for the rest of the year.



From Defending Corporations to Supporting Causes
Samuel Mazzeo
Wilkinson Mazzeo
After three years of law school, three months of bar study, and four months of waiting for bar results, I was eager to start practicing. I took what I perceived to be the best opportunity presented to me and hit the ground running. As many first year associates do, I quickly discovered that the first area of practice I chose was not for me and was significantly affecting my happiness outside of the office. After one year it was back to the drawing board. I was scared, unsure, confused, stressed, worried, and regretting my choice to attend law school. Then I volunteered for the San Diego based non-profit, Invisible Children, and my worldview shifted. Dramatically.

Shingle Hanging 101

This feature provides tips and advice to practitioners considering hanging their own shingle, including challenges and obstacles faced by a variety of NLD solo practitioners.
Networking with Purpose!
Bhashini Weerasinghe
Law Office of Bhashini Weerasinghe
Taking the leap to hang your own shingle can be both incredibly rewarding and spectacularly scary. One of the biggest concerns that all attorneys share is how to build their book of business. When you are a solo practitioner or considering hanging your shingle, this is a concern that can keep you awake late at night. While this is a challenge that many of us face, the answer to this question can take many forms. In my own research into this matter, most of which entailed talking to a variety of attorneys in practice, the answer to this deceptively difficult question, how does a solo practitioner starting out build a book of business, especially if you are new to private practice and don’t have a client list to start with, can be answered in one word: relationships!

CLE Review

Review of Successful Mediation – Learn from the Mediators
Michael Olinik
The Butler Firm, APC
On Friday, March 28, 2014, Douglas A. Glass, Esq. of Glass Mediations and Jeffrey A. Joseph, Esq. of Joseph Mediations kindly shared their wisdom and experiences for a CLE Program arranged by the New Lawyer Division. Mr. Glass, who has served as a mediator since 2001, and Mr. Joseph, who has served as a mediator since 1983, offered invaluable insight into the mediation process gleaned from their thousands of mediations. It is the goal of a mediator to resolve the issues between the parties, and it was the goal of these mediators to teach lawyers, both new and experienced, how to be in the best position to resolve their cases for their clients. The key to successful mediations is to win the respect of the mediator and the opposing party, and the best way to win respect is through preparation.

Student Lounge

This feature emphasizes common student experiences or important developments at local universities.
How to Handle Multiple or On-the-Spot Job Offers
Matthew Lab
Assistant Director, Career and Professional Development Office
​California Western School of Law
In a perfect world, you’ve been offered the job of your dreams. It is your top choice, there are no other offers to consider and you are confident and comfortable in accepting the offer.

We wish it were this simple. As many of you have discovered, the job search is usually much more unpredictable… You may have interviewed with multiple employers over the course of a few weeks with each employer representing a job opportunity that falls on a different level in terms of your preference. This generally means that you will receive any forthcoming offers in a similarly random manner; and none of which will occur in your order of preference!

Scene At

Have you been "Scene At" the latest events? Check out pics of recent NLD member attended happenings.

SDCBA Annual Judicial Reception

Do you have pictures of NLD members at recent legal community events? If so, send them to nld@sdcba.org. Please include the names of the NLD members featured as well as the name of the event attended.


Join​ ​us tonight, April 10 at Wang's North Park for an exciting networking opportunity. All SDCBA members​ are invited to come meet and mingle! The event​ begins at 5:30 p.m. For more details, click here.


Help make this year's Law Week celebration a success by volunteering for one of our upcoming outreach programs:

  • Law Week Poster & Essay Contest Judging (tonight, April 10)
  • SDCBA Ask-A-Lawyer (April 29)
  • San Diego Law Library Family Law Clinic (April 30)
  • Color of Justice (May 1)
  • Family Law Facilitator Program (May 2)

Learn more about these events and how you can get involved here.


Richard Dreyfuss, Oscar award-winning actor and founder of The Dreyfuss Initiative, will be keynote speaker at this year's Law Week Luncheon & Celebration of Community Service on April 30. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.


Register for Expedited Jury Trials and Cost Effective Litigation Techniques, a non-CLE opportunity presented by the NLD on​ April 22​ from​ 4:30 p.m. to​ 6 p.m. Edward “Skip” Babbitt and Andrew “Drew” Dunk are presenting.

Topics to be discussed:

  • How to do a 1 day ​j​ury trial​
  • How to minimize your litigation expenses​​
  • Trial ​t​echniques​
  • Simple, cheap​,​ and effective discovery​

For more details, click here.


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