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Since 1952, the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) of the San Diego County Bar Association has been connecting the community with qualified, pre-screened local lawyers and legal resources. In 2020, the LRIS added Imperial County to our program. All 400+ lawyers in the LRIS program are required to meet rigorous criteria and be approved by the San Diego County Bar Association LRIS Committee. Now also serving Imperial County! 

Note:  If you need a lawyer outside of San Diego and Imperial Counties, visit the ABA National Directory for a referral source in that area.

LRIS is certified by the State Bar of California and the American Bar Association.


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Referral Services

Referrals to lawyers for traditional services

Our program has lawyers practicing in more than 40 areas of law throughout San Diego and Imperial County.  Our bilingual staff will match you with an appropriate lawyer or legal resource. You will get up to 30-minutes of FREE *consultation when you connect with one of our program's lawyers! 

Referrals to lawyers for basic legal needs for a flat fee

In order to make it affordable for individuals to address certain legal programs, staff will refer you to a lawyer in one of our flat-fee programs.  You will get up to 30-minutes of FREE *consultation when you connect with one of our program's lawyers! 

Our flat-fee programs are set at a fixed price and are limited to:

Personal/Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Qualified individual clients will be charged $1000 and those filing jointly will be charged $1200. Click here for more details.

Incorporation and LLC Formation – Qualified clients with start-up businesses with one shareholder or one business owner will be charged $1000. Click here for more details.

Revocable Trust and Last Will and Estate Plan – Qualified clients who wish to create a Last Will and Estate Plan will be charged $1000 for individual and $1500 for married couples. Qualified clients who wish to create a Revocable Trust, will be charged $2000 for individual and $2500 for married couples. Click here for more details.

Family Law  - Qualified clients needing assistance with dissolution of marriage or legal separation will be charged $1500.  Qualified clients needing assistance in drafting a motion for support or custody will be charged $1000. Click here for more details.   NOTE:  Attorneys involved in these flat fee cases will not represent the party in court.  The attorneys will provide guidance and help the party prepare to represent himself/herself.   Parties with limited financial resources who need attorney representation may be eligible for the Modest Means Program (see below).

Tenant Consultations- Qualified clients needing assistance with drafting a demand letter, reviewing documents, legal rights will be charged $150 for residential issues, $180 for mobile home, and $350 for commercial leases. Click here for details.

Referrals to lawyers for family law cases for those with modest means

The Modest Means Program is designed for clients who need legal representation for family law disputes, have limited financial resources, and are ineligible for legal aid.   For purposes of this program, family law disputes will include:   Annulment/Dissolution of Marriage/Legal Separation; Support Enforcement and/or modification; Custody/Visitation rights, Charge of Name, and Settlement Agreements. Qualified clients will be referred to a lawyer who will provide up to 30-minutes of FREE *consultation and then charge no more than $150 per hour, with an initial deposit of $1500.   Additional pre-payments will be required by the lawyer to continue the case. Click here for more details.

Note:  Clients seeking referrals through the Modest Means Program for family law disputes must FIRST complete an online Pre-Qualification form and application before any referral will take place.  Click here to access those forms.

Commitment to Privacy

When you contact the San Diego Lawyer Referral and Information Service, our staff will collect your information in order to assess your legal needs and refer to you an appropriate lawyer or direct you to a community group that may be able to assist you with your legal needs. If we determine that you require a referral to a lawyer, we will alert that lawyer that we have referred you to him/her and we will share your contact information and any other information you provided.  You may contact the attorney at your convenience and the attorney may also give you a courtesy call to see how they can assist you. We do NOT share any personal information with other individuals or advertisers.

* Initial Consultations

Consultation- Each attorney (or their intake staff) who you contact or who contacts you will make an initial evaluation of whether the case is within their practice area, and/or whether they have any conflicts of interest. If the case is one the attorney can and will accept, an attorney from the firm will listen to the details of your issue and evaluate the best legal solution. This consultation can take up to 30 minutes (or less in some cases). You will not be charged for this consultation. The consultation is meant to assess how the attorney can best assist you, and for you both to discuss the costs of the service. We cannot guarantee the attorney will accept your case for representation or that you will agree on the price of the services.

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