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Sections, Committees, and Divisions

The SDCBA is comprised of over 40 unique sections, committees, divisions and member groups, which each serve as member communities. Each member community provides the opportunity for SDCBA members to work together to educate one another and others in the community on substantive areas of law, and also serves as a forum for legal professionals to discuss common problems and issues that affect a particular area of law. The SDCBA’s member communities are the backbone of all SDCBA services, providing community service and leadership opportunities for SDCBA members, and guiding and supporting larger association-wide initiatives.

The SDCBA Website provides an “e-community” for each SDCBA Member Community. Each e-community provides general information on the e-community and particular practice areas, while within each e-community, community members can share information and documents, view their community’s individual calendar, and send questions to peers using their e-community’s two-way listserve. A list of all of the SDCBA’s member communities can be found here. If you are an SDCBA member, log-in here to visit and participate in your e-communities.



For a current list of SDCBA Section Chairs, click here.


For a current list of SDCBA Committee Chairs, click here.

Forum for Emerging Lawyers Division

For information on the SDCBA's Forum for Emerging Lawyers, click here.