New Lawyers

New attorneys are a vital part of the SDCBA – as the next generation of leaders in the profession and the future of San Diego’s legal community. Your first few years in practice are an exciting, tenuous time, where you begin to not only build your practice, but your professional network and reputation as a practitioner. The SDCBA, as your local professional association, strives to provide you with unparalleled resources and support in order to ensure your success.

We encourage new lawyers to engage and participate in the Association in the ways that are most meaningful to them as individual practitioners. The SDCBA serves new attorneys best when they are exposed to the full breadth of what the Association offers in terms of resources, mentorship and guidance, specialized programming and leadership and volunteer opportunities. As a new attorney, you will have the ability to maximize your integration into the SDCBA and the greater San Diego legal community through two paths:

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  1. You can choose to opt in to the newly created Forum for Emerging Lawyers (Forum) – which will have specialized networking events specifically designed for lawyers within their first four full years in practice. Click here to learn more about the Forum.  
  2. Additionally and/or alternatively, you are invited to take part in one of the Association’s many practice based sections, or project based committees at no charge. Our section and committees have been restructured to fully integrate new lawyers, and in 2015 ambassadors were appointed for new lawyers. Lawyers are encouraged to take on leadership positions within the sections and committees regardless of how many years they have been in practice. Click here for a full list of sections and committees. 

The SDCBA is your link to your legal community, and to building your career and future success. Through the SDCBA, you can create visibility for your evolving practice while connecting with and learning from some of the brightest, seasoned attorneys that San Diego’s legal community has to offer.  Review our Guide to Success for New Lawyers - a great checklist for where to start and what to do to be successful.   here's also a monthly newsletter just for new lawyers, For the Record, that will provide you with information on programming especially designed for you, and other programs you may be interested in attending. Read it at

Looking for a space to meet with colleagues or client while you build your practice?  Look no further than the Bar Center at 401.  Enjoy all of the amenities of our shared workspace and private conference rooms, including free Wi-Fi, office supplies and more.  Learn about the exclusive Bar Center at 401 at

In addition, you can take advantage of huge discounts on products and services, exclusively for SDCBA members, designed to both to support your practice and your lifestyle, through the SDCBA's member benefit program. To review all that is available to you, visit

Career Development Program

The SDCBA and The San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association are proud to present the Career Development Program, an innovative course for new and experienced lawyers to engage with each other and the Bar in a way that will enrich the careers of all involved.

For more information about the career development program, click here.

Ambassador Badge

SDCBA Ambassador Program

At SDCBA events look for “Bar Ambassadors” wearing Ambassador badges. These long-time SDCBA members provide a wealth of knowledge and want to help you get integrated with the SDCBA and our legal community. They will be at SDCBA networking and educational events throughout the year, so be sure to seek them out and say hello.