What is the New Lawyer Division?

In 2015, the SDCBA introduced the New Lawyer Division designed to be a "soft landing spot" and community for new lawyers who would like to connect with other members in their initial stage of practice.  Through the New Lawyer Division, new lawyers have the ability to engage by:

  • sharing resources and asking questions of one another through an e-community complete with a listserve and comprehensive file share system
  • enjoying special networking, community service and social events specifically for new lawyers

Who Can Join?

Any other SDCBA attorney members still in their first four full years of practice can join the New Lawyer Division as well. Membership is free. All SDCBA attorney members in their first 2 years of practice will be automatically added to the New Lawyer Division. Join here, or contact the Member Services Team at mbr@sdcba.org or call (619) 231-0781 ext. 3505 and someone will assist you.

BarBucks Now Available!

The SDCBA has a program designed to encourage engagement among attorney members called BarBucks.  The program is simple, for the price of $50 we will credit your account with $150 that you can apply towards select educational program and social event registration fees throughout the year.  For more information and to purchase your BarBucks click here.

Should I Still Join a Section or Committee?

While the New Lawyer Division is specifically created for new lawyers, it is not the only way for new lawyers to get involved in the SDCBA. New lawyers are highly encouraged to get involved with the SDCBA through free membership in its various Sections (practice-area specific member groups) as well.  Learn more here.

What if I Don't Join the New Lawyer Division?

The New Lawyer Division is an opt-in community for new lawyers in their first four years of practice who would like to connect to their peers who are also just beginning to practice law.  Regardless of whether or not you choose to join the New Lawyer Division, you will receive For the Record, the SDCBA's newsletter for new lawyers, and notices of upcoming events that may be of interest to new lawyers.  In addition, all lawyers in their first 4 years of practice are a part of the New Lawyer Division listserve, giving you the ability to collaborate and can ask questions of your peers.

How to Stay Connected 

Members of the New Lawyer Division can stay connected by: