SDCBA Sections

The SDCBA’s various communities, including Sections, are the lifeblood of the organization. The SDCBA currently has 26 Sections by practice area which produce a variety of educational programming, networking, community service, meet-ups, mentoring, and other activities to connect and engage members of each Section.


Submitting Programs & Events
All slated activities for the year for each section need to be submitted by the Section's Executive Committee by March 1st for review and approval. Program and event activities can be submitted HERE by using the Programs & Events submission form.

2020 Section Leadership Roster 
For information on how to join SDCBA Leadership, please contact Olga Blankson

To view our 2020 Leadership Orientation Packet, click here.

2020 Leadership Orientation


Practice Based Sections

New Lawyer Division

Designed as a "soft landing spot" and community for new lawyers who would like to connect with other members in their initial stage of practice. Learn more »


How to Use SDCBA Listservs

The SDCBA Section and Committee listservs can only be accessed by SDCBA members.  Through the listservs, members can share information with all members of your community.  To access the SDCBA's listservs, log in to the SDCBA website and visit the "MySDCBA" page.  There you will find a complete list of all of your Sections and Committees and their respective listservs and fileshares. Once inside your listserv, you can post a message online by clicking "New Post." You can also send a message to your listserv through your preferred email application. For instructions on how to send a message to your SDCBA listserv, click here.

As a member of a Section or Committee, you can choose to receive your listserv messages as emails (normal mode), in a daily digest (digest), or on the web only (vacation/web mode), where you can log in and read the listserv messages at any time.  To choose your listserv settings, click on "Lists" on the left hand menu of your respective listserv page, and then "Settings." 

You can also have emails from automatically moved to specific folders in your email application, rather than having them appear in your inbox.  To view a guideline on how to change your SDCBA listserv settings, click here.

Prior to using the SDCBA's listservs, please review the SDCBA's Listserv guidelines here.