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SDCBA Community Outreach

The SDCBA encourages every member to volunteer their time either in pro bono legal services or general community volunteer opportunities. Join the many SDCBA members who volunteer their time and efforts for a variety of community oriented events and activities.


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Community Service Committee

Client Relations Program
Crawford Law Academy


Big Brothers and Big Sisters Program
Family Justice Center Alliance
Juvenile Court Book Club
Legal Aid Society of San Diego Consumer Clinic
Professional Alliance for Children
Restorative Justice Mediation Program
SDVLP Family Law Assistance Clinic
Street Law - San Diego Youth Services
Teen Court
Voices for Children

Public Appointment Opportunities
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SDCBA Volunteer Opportunities

Community Service Committee

The SDCBA's Community Service Committee offers attorneys, paralegals, judges and law students opportunities to work with "at risk" children. The Committee partners with Porter Elementary School and Clairemont High School and coordinates programs and special events to assist students all year long. Programs at the Committee's partnership schools include literacy days, Porter Readers (year round reading), conflict resolution skills and Peace Patrol training, mock trials, mentorships, mock job interviews and Senior Exhibition judging. To get involved with the Committee, contact bar@sdcba.org. Presently, the following are Community Service Committee volunteer opportunities:

  • Mock Trial Video Presentations

    The Committee is scheduling Mock Trial Video presentations for the current school year. Volunteers are needed to present a mock criminal trial video to elementary-aged students throughout San Diego. The Mock Trial Video presentation is used as an effort to teach students about the legal system and to help prevent at risk behavior.

    Program volunteers present a video showing the hypothetical criminal trial which includes judges, courtroom staff, lawyers and witnesses. All of the roles in the recording are acted out by children. During the video, the facilitators and the students pause to discuss the legal meaning of what is taking place in the trial they are watching. Afterward, students further explore the legal system by breaking up into groups and deciding the outcome as jurors.

    The presentations are generally one-and-a-half to two hours long and require modest preparation.

    For more information and to volunteer, contact Jill Smith at jsmith@dlgsd.com.


Client Relations Program

The Client Relations program is looking for attorneys who would like to volunteer their services in assisting clients and attorneys resolve informal complaints. This program is designed to work with clients whose attorneys are not returning telephone calls, files, or paperwork, or have experienced incorrect billing. The program strives to mend disagreements between both parties before a formal complaint is made with the California State Bar. If you are interested in volunteering for the program, please contact Michelle Chavez at (619) 321-4150 or mchavez@sdcba.org.


Crawford Law Academy

Practicing attorneys are needed to work with our 11th grade Academy students. Mentors and mentees meet one time per month, usually on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, for approximately 1.5 hours. Beginning in the Fall of 2014, the mentor program will run from October through May, 2015. Mentors work with students on researching and applying to colleges, interview skills and goal setting. Mentors serve as role models who teach, inspire, and support students in achieving their college and career goals. Please click here for more information.

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