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Michael Dallo, CPA, JD, LL.M., the founder of Dallo Law Group in San Diego, California, is both a tax attorney and certified public accountant (CPA). Unlike most tax attorneys who usually only have a J.D., the basic law degree, he also holds a masters of law degrees (LL.M.) in tax, is a Certified Tax Law Specialist, and is an adjunct professor of taxation in the Masters of Tax program at the University of San Diego. His dual background in both law and accounting, his dedication to the tax profession, his passion to educate in tax, and his persistence in the face of difficult challenges give Michael a winning, strategic advantage that enables him to represent clients far better before the IRS and state tax agencies than the vast majority of tax attorneys.

As an attorney trained in the law, and specifically tax law, Michael has an exceptional track record of prevailing in hardball negotiations with the IRS. As a certified public accountant, he understands the detailed ins and outs of tax forms, which makes it impossible for the IRS to take him unaware.

Michael’s practice focuses on tax problem solving, including representing clients for tax audits, audit appeals, settlements for back taxes, catching up on reporting foreign bank accounts and a myriad of other issues. He has saved both individual and business clients millions, performing such feats as getting a $100,000 IRS debt reduced to $0, getting a $500,000 debt reduced to $50,000 to be paid on easy payments, and getting a $35,000 debt reduced to $1,000. These are not unusual results for Michael Dallo. Michael is dedicated to his clients’ best interests, and he meets with every single client who walks through the doors of Dallo Law Group and oversees strategic development of their cases.

Michael’s deep education, his extensive experience and his law practice are all focused on tax. He is aware of every minute change in the law that could affect his clients’ cases. Before he was an attorney, Michael founded a CPA firm where he prepared tax returns for individuals and small businesses, building an outstanding winning record representing clients in tax audits. Before that, he worked as a certified public accountant (CPA) in the Tax Department of Sempra Energy, a multi-national Fortune 500 Company, where he helped to resolve multi-million dollar tax disputes. He also worked in the Tax Department of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Paris, France and the Tax Division of the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.

In addition to working at Dallo Law Group, Michael serves as general counsel for Dallo & Co., Inc. a conglomerate of 13 grocery stores in San Diego (Jonathan’s, Harvest Ranch and Foodland Markets), where he advises on tax issues, contract and lease negotiations and employment issues for over eight-hundred employees.

Finally, Michael is proud to serve as a Professor of Taxation at the University of San Diego (his alma mater), where he teaches tax research in the Masters of Tax program. In his course, Michael teaches aspiring tax professionals the ethics of tax practice and how to utilize research skills to efficiently and effectively advocate for their clients.

Michael holds a master of laws in taxation degree (LL.M) from New York University, which is the highest ranked and most prestigious graduate tax program in the nation. His law degree (J.D.) is from the University Of San Diego School Of Law, where he graduated order of the coif, magna cum laude (Top 5%) and received the Ralph Gano Miller Tax Award for the highest overall grade point average in the area of taxation in his graduating class. As an undergrad, Michael obtained two bachelor degrees, one in accounting and one in business administration, from the University of San Diego where he graduated magna cum laude. Michael is fluent in Spanish and Chaldean-Aramaic.

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