1 Program with Timothy Casey, Esq.

Professor Timothy Casey serves as the Director of the STEPPS Program and Professor in Residence at California Western School of Law. He received his Bachelor's Degree from Boston College in Economics and Philosophy, and law degrees from the University of California, Hastings College of Law and Columbia Law School. Professor Casey started his teaching career at Columbia, where he established a Criminal Practice Clinic and received the Presidential Award for teaching while serving as an Associate in Law. Before moving to San Diego, Professor Casey held an appointment as a Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He also received a Fulbright award for research and teaching in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His research interests include surveillance and civil liberties, problem solving courts, and experiential pedagogy. He is co-author of a legal ethics textbook, and his most recent scholarship appeared in the peer-reviewed Clinical Law Review. He serves on the Legal Ethics Committee of the San Diego County Bar Association, and as a board member for both local and international non-profit organizations.

Professor Casey brings experience, both as a practitioner and a teacher, to the STEPPS Program. He works closely with members of the faculty to develop and implement the curriculum and meets weekly with the adjunct professors who serve as supervising attorneys in the small law offices. Professor Casey also teaches a seminar in Surveillance, Civil Liberties and National Intelligence and a seminar accompanying the Clinical Externship Program.


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