SDCBA Social Media Terms of Use

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SDCBA Listserve Rules 

The SDCBA’s listserve are self‐monitored communities for sections, committees, divisions, and interest groups, and are provided to help foster collaboration, civil discourse, mentorship and meaningful dialogue amongst lawyers as well as non‐lawyer members of the SDCBA. While listserves are used from time to time to promote SDCBA programs and services, for the most part, discussion is generated and monitored by the members of each listserve.

Please note:

  • Any member of an SDCBA section, committee, division or interest group may participate in its listserve.
  • Listserves can be used in any way that serves the interests of the community it serves; if an issue arises, it should be addressed with Section, Committee, Division or Interest Group leadership.
  • While guidelines exist (see below), the SDCBA’s team does not monitor the listserves consistently, and will only directly address profane or disruptive behavior at its discretion.
  • The SDCBA reserves the right to remove any member of any listserve at any time if conduct is unprofessional, disruptive, or does not adhere to the Association’s standards of civility, integrity and professionalism.
  • All listserve participants agree to defend, indemnify and hold the SDCBA harmless from and against any damages arising out of or resulting from that person’s online conduct in a listserve.

In addition to general dialogue, please note the following suggested listserve uses and prohibitions:

1.      Listserves may be used to share information about CLE/educational programs or events of other organizations provided that the content or topic of the program or event does not overlap in nature and/or timing with a program hosted or sponsored by the SDCBA. If a listserve user would like to post a program, after reviewing the SDCBA’s calendar to ensure it does not duplicate, replicate, or cover the same topic as an upcoming SDCBA program, the following guidelines should be reviewed and adhered to:

a.      Program information should only be shared if it is presented by the State Bar of California, the American Bar Association, an accredited law school, any of our approved Law‐Related Organizations, or events that have been approved by the Section, Committee or Division’s leadership or internal leadership team can be posted.

b.      The program or event cannot take place within 30 days of similar SDCBA programming or events so that any marketing does not compete with the SDCBA’s program marketing efforts.

c.       Violation of the guidelines for posting CLE and other educational programming deemed to be competitive in nature with programs produced or sponsored by the SDCBA may result in a user’s removal from the listserve, at the discretion of the SDCBA’s leadership and internal team. 

2.      Listserves may be used to announce office space for lease, or to request experts. Otherwise, there should be no commercial use of the listserves (i.e. Listserves should not be used to exchange services, materials or software in return for payment of any sort – including trade of like items, special discounts, cash, etc.). Unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, profane, annoying, vexing, harassing, or otherwise objectionable information of any kind may not be posted to the listserve, including, without limitation, any transmissions constituting or encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any local, state, national or international law.

3.      Postings that encourages or solicits others to engage in anti‐competitive activities, including attorney rate information, is not permitted.

4.      Listserve messages should not be posted elsewhere by recipients or forwarded to any non‐ SDCBA member without the original poster’s consent, particularly where it may have an effect on a case.

5.      Section, Committee, Division and Interest Group listserves should be used to discuss topics of interest to their constituencies – particularly the area of law or common issues, practices, questions and news that impacts practitioners in that area of law. For community service projects and volunteer opportunities, users are encouraged to use the community service committee listserve or submit information to for consideration in This Week at the Bar.

6.      Messages should not promote any fundraising efforts or solicit donations unless the beneficiary is the San Diego County Bar Foundation, the charitable arm of the SDCBA, unless the effort has been approved as part of the SDCBA’s Community Service or outreach efforts.

7.      Listserves may not be used to endorse political candidates running for any office.

Sections, Committee, Division and Interest Group (Entity) leaders, please note:

SDCBA Entities may not:

  • Take a position on behalf of the organization without the approval of the Board of Directors, on the listserve or otherwise (see Public Position Policy).
  • Endorse or support a political candidate, ballot, proposed legislation, proposed governmental action, or initiative in the name of the organization, on the listserve or otherwise.
  • Endorse any candidate, whether a section or committee member or not, for the SDCBA Board of Directors, or any other bar organization volunteer leadership position.

Separate rules apply for how candidates for the SDCBA Board, Section and Committee leadership positions, and other local bar boards may campaign, however with regards to the listserves, please note:

Any listserve participant may:

  • Announce their candidacy one time for the SDCBA Board of Directors and seek the support of the listserve constituency, with the pre‐approval of the Executive Director.
  • With the pre‐approval of the Executive Director, announce their candidacy once for another bar organization’s volunteer leadership position, and seek the support of the listserve constituency.
  • Announce their candidacy for a leadership position within their section or committee one time. The announcement may only be posted to the listserve for the section or committee for which the candidate is seeking election.
  • No member may post information or advocate via the listserve on behalf of any candidate other than them self for the SDCBA’s Board of Directors election or any other elected position.