To connect lawyers and support their success and fulfillment.


How Our Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Goals Align:



The SDCBA Vision Statement expresses our Six Core Values: Inclusion. Community. Innovation. Leadership. Growth. Celebration.


Our Core Values guide our work, programs, and services:

Community: Building meaningful, lasting connections

Inclusion: Everyone is invited and welcome.

Innovation: At the forefront of change. 

Leadership: Leading the way for the profession.

Celebration: Celebrating each other and the profession.

Growth: Growing your practice, business, and brand. 

We are a community, and serve as the home for San Diego’s legal professionals.
This is the place to build long lasting, meaningful connections.

Expanding on our Vision:

We value inclusion - the SDCBA welcomes everyone, and everyone belongs.

We are changemakers, leading the way and innovating to ensure that we are at the forefront of change.

We foster and encourage growth, assisting attorneys in developing their relationships and their practices[;]  

And we recognize, honor and celebrate lawyers and their important role in our world.